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Your Invisible Assistant

by on ‎04-19-2011 09:35 AM

As I am demoing certain areas in Sage SalesLogix, I usually end up showing a few examples of automating certain task and processes which are running behind the scenes. For examples, I’d show an email from the Sales Mgr. who got notified of new large opportunity or getting an alert when certain Support tickets have not been addressed within the committed resolution time.  These examples were configured using Sage SalesLogix KnowledgeSync Alerts, which can send email alerts, update fields in Sage SalesLogix as well as schedule reports and configure workflow examples.  Key features include:


- Monitor data proactively and automatically receive alerts when business conditions are met.
- Automatically update Sage SalesLogix Contacts, Accounts, and History with important information.
- Schedule, generate, and distribute reports automatically, based on data conditions in Sage SalesLogix.
- Monitor the operating system for events that could adversely affect the usability of Sage SalesLogix.
- Receive alerts automatically via email, fax, pager, PDA, phone, or web browser.


You can view a recorded webinar that shows you the latest developments in Sage KnowledgeSync, including 20 pre-configured business dashboards for Sage SalesLogix, plus the ability for individual users to pick and choose what dashboards they wish to have delivered to them.  What's New and Cool in Sage KnowledgeSync: Dynamic Dashboards & More - ID 4875.

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