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Xbar 1.1

by Employee on ‎10-02-2014 04:52 PM

The new and improved Xbar 1.1 will be coming out in early October, and includes some new and exciting features! Among some of the improvements are the new enterprise installer, Windows Authentication enablement, adding the Ask menu throughout Xbar, and configurations. Also, the arrival of the long awaited LAN compatibility has been added.  Signup for the beta version of the update and look for it's release in October!


The major new feature to Xbar 1.1 are the improvements to the installation.  The new Xbar allows for Administrators to install Xbar silently on users computers, as well as allow users to install Xbar via network location.  What does this mean?  You don't have to store the Xbar install file locally anymore! Along the same lines, the ability to encorporate your existing Windows Authentication credentials will allow for an easier install/login experience.  


The long awaited LAN compatibility has been added, so you can now launch the LAN client from Xbar.  This is very similar to the functionality of the launch the Web Client from the 1.0 version.  LAN users now have the ability to drill into their information deeper if they need to go to their main client. 


The configuration story was also added to Xbar.  Enhancements to performance were accomplished via the ability to choose your default filter on the member view, as well as choose the number of member cards to load at one time.  If want to be a light CRM user, and load one member card you can or if you want to load all, you can do that as well.  


These are just some of the features introduced into Xbar 1.1, so if you're interested please signup for the beta by emailing or look for the official release of Xbar 1.1 in October. 

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