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Work Smarter, Succeed with Less

by ‎01-11-2012 11:15 AM - edited ‎01-11-2012 01:47 PM

Over the last several months it has been exciting for me to see the interest that SalesLogix customers have shown in Advanced Analytics. A common goal shared by many of these customers is to improve the effectiveness of their organizations.


Whether your organization is large or small, everyone would like to do more with the resources they have. Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics helps SalesLogix users to do just that. Through insightful and interactive analysis, sales managers can identify the best way to utilize the finite resources of their team, marketing managers can know how to optimize each marketing dollar, and customer support managers can exceed customer expectations by minimizing the time required to close each ticket.


As I demonstrate Advanced Analytics, I like to highlight three important things that you can do with this tool:


  1. Identify top and bottom performers
  2. Compare performance in one period of time to another
  3. Learn what worked, and what didn’t


Suppose that I am a sales manager, with responsibility for a national team of field sales representatives. I would like to see an increase in the sales made by each rep year over year. That way, I know that my team is getting better and becoming more effective at what they do. I want an easy way to measure their performance throughout the year, and I would like to understand what my successful sales reps are doing right, and what my least successful reps need to change.


Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics provides me with a trend analysis that shows my team’s performance year over year for several key metrics. Using the Sales trend dashboard I can see the performance of my team in Q3. It is better than last year for all but one month, and is better overall.




But how did each sales representative sell year over year?

Which reps have improved the most?

Is there a particular industry or lead source that has had more success than in the past?


I can use the Sales Trend Analysis chart and the grid on the right to find the answers to these questions. I can also determine who my top and bottom performers are using the Ranking Analysis dashboard.

The Ranking Analysis dashboard provides me a quick glimpse into who is doing the best, and who is lagging:


Ranking Total Sales


I have selected the Actual Amount metric and set it to filter the dashboard to show only Closed-Won opportunities. This is my sales metric. Here is a closer look.


Close-up Total Sales


Looks like Lee Hogan has outperformed everyone. But what is the average size of each deal that Lee and the other reps have sold? I can simply change the metric I am viewing and see the answer:


Average Sales


Now I have learned that Cathy’s average deal size is about 30% higher than Lee’s, and yet Lee has higher total sales than Cathy does. Somehow Lee is closing more deals faster.


Is it the type of customers Lee is working with?

Is Lee getting better leads than Cathy?

Is Lee working harder than Cathy?


By changing the way that the dashboard summarizes and filters the data, I can look at what lead sources and industries are top and bottom performers for Lee, and then I can do the same for Cathy. Comparing the two can help me understand if there is a reason why Lee is having more success.


If that still does not give me the answer, I can turn to the Productivity Analysis dashboard to see how many activities each rep completed, and what type of activities they completed.





Looking at Q3 activities, I can see that Lee has a higher activity volume, and that he seems to be focusing his time on activities that are in person or phone call interactions. This may be a factor in his success. If I can help my lower performing representatives to use their time more like Lee, I can increase the performance of my team and increase sales.


Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics helps me to better understand how my organization is performing and how I can make changes to improve performance and increase sales. It helps me to work smarter and to do more with less. That is a great value proposition and an important goal in good times and bad.


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