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What you don’t know CAN kill you!

by on ‎05-01-2012 01:12 PM

I won’t get overly dramatic and talk about things that can really kill you if they go unnoticed like cancer or diabetes or obesity. Okay, so that last one only goes unnoticed if you have no mirrors in your house or your friends don’t step up and say “dude, you’re packing on the pounds.”  Still, obesity kills; so put down those Cheetos so I can get to my point.


In business we always need to look out for things that can kill our revenue.  Many times what may seem obvious to outsiders looking in isn’t so obvious to those of us trying to execute a business plan.  What’s the saying… Can’t see the forest for the trees?


There are two types of revenue in my mind.  First, revenue that fits into our core business model.  For me, that has always been CRM revenue.  Whether it is Sage SalesLogix or Sage CRM, as long as it was CRM – bring it on!  The other kind of revenue is indirect revenue or revenue from sources that I haven’t thought about.  Many times this source of revenue can sneak up and surprise you.  Then you need to determine what you can do.  Either embrace it and go for it – or let it die on the vine because it doesn’t feel natural to you.  After all, it wasn’t in your core business plan, right?


I know what you are saying… “Good point Jason – but how can this kill me / my business?”  Let me give you a real world example.  Me.  I have been chasing a CRM number for years now.  Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose that race.  But I think I just found my Usain Bolt golden running shoes ( to hopefully outpace that revenue number for good.  It comes from a completely logical source that anyone from the outside looking in would say “duh!”  But to many – the execution of the plan was always thwarted in some way.  It comes in the form of ERP / CRM cross sell.


Were you aware that Sage has many products outside of the CRM space?  I knew it.  I even knew about the integration availability between most of those ERP packages and our CRM offerings.  But we just couldn’t tap into it in the right way.  We didn’t educate our partners and our internal teams to truly leverage the opportunity.  That story is changing NOW. 


We have integration between Sage 100 and both Sage CRM and Sage SalesLogix; integration between Sage 300 and Sage CRM; and integration between Sage 500 and SalesLogix.  And soon, we’ll have integration between Sage ERP X3 and both Sage SalesLogix and Sage CRM.  And this isn’t just run of the mill CRM functionality glued onto an existing ERP platform.  We have industry leading solutions and platforms that stack up against the Microsoft’s and’s of the world easily.   It is really exciting to get in front of an ERP customer and show them the true power of an integrated CRM application – CRM applications that are world class and come complete with integration to their back office systems.


In conclusion, it wasn’t that I didn’t know.  I knew.  I just didn’t know.  You know?  Smiley Happy  Happy selling everyone!

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