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We appreciate your business #Saleslogix

by Employee on ‎10-02-2013 09:27 AM

When was the last time you filled out one of those surveys at the end of your receipt? Do you ever feel compelled to comment on your experiences, good or bad, and post them on social channels, or other? If you post a bad comment, do you equally post good comments? If you’re like me you don’t do either, but you should and here’s why.


My wife, daughter and son recently went to a store to buy a present for a friend. They were a bit undecided on what to buy, and then a wonderful employee offered help. Upon deciding to a bracelet kit, the employee took the time to assemble, resize, and create a unique gift. Keep in mind this is not the practice of the store, and the employee went far beyond the call of duty. As such, the piece was created and when presented to our friend, made a tremendous impact.


This experience was very impactful to my wife, and she proceeded to write a very positive email to the store management, who replied to alert her they were thrilled and would recognize the employee.


Now, good comments over bad are a great form of recognition for a job well done, but bad comments when done constructively also prove valuable. So, either good or bad, be constructive, share a positive experience and know that doing so makes a big difference. I know that all of us with the Saleslogix team definitely appreciate you!


How do you show your appreciation?

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