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Tis the season for Mobility

by on ‎12-16-2009 01:30 PM


As the holiday season approaches, the mobile market space is once again full of new devices offering a rich range of features.      While many of the ads are aimed at consumers being able to stay connected via social networking sites such as Facebook,  there is significant improvements for business users to take note.     The memory capabilities allow for more information to be taken offline, browser improvements allow for a much richer internet experience, and with more sites themselves being mobile aware, more information is available in an easily consumed format.


With SalesLogix Mobile, one of the great advantages is to extend the application with code that will work with the native device APIs.     This allows for a mobile application that can work not only with data from SalesLogix, but to tap into online sites and services, all with context to the information the user has at hand.    The end user experience can be such that the bridge between offline data and online services is seamless.   Mobile applications can be tailored to a business vertical, all leveraging the build and deploy capabilities within SalesLogix Mobile.


If you have not explored SalesLogix Mobile, or have only looked at it as a means to display data from SalesLogix, you may want to add a new item to your New Year's resolution list.

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