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Things You Want To Know About #SalesLogix (But Are Afraid To Ask) – May 2013

by Employee on ‎05-16-2013 02:30 PM

     Anybody who’s been calling into SalesLogix Support the last month or so has heard the analysts greeting callers (generally) with “SalesLogix Support” as opposed to “Sage SalesLogix Support.”  The transition  has been moving  quickly, and there are exciting  changes coming down the pipe which will alter and improve the way we interact with you.


Right, right, “exciting changes.”  Like what?


     From a Support perspective, we’re changing our ticketing systems.  I know, we did this a year ago.   But this time, we couldn’t be more excited about it, and it should make Support better at its job, since we’re going to be using our own product, SalesLogix!


Say what?!


     SalesLogix Support, Sales, Customer Care, Marketing, and others will all be using SalesLogix going forward.  There’s definitely a sense of pride in putting our money where our mouth is, or eating our own dog food, as the saying goes.  After all, we can’t expect our customers to use a solution we wouldn’t use ourselves.


What about my existing tickets?  I have outstanding cases ongoing right now with you guys!


     Those tickets will still be worked.  There may be minor changes like new ticket numbers, fear not, we didn’t leave customers in the lurch the last time, and we’re not about to start now.


Will calling into the Support number be any different?


     Yes and no.  The number isn’t changing.  Primary contacts and authorized contacts are still the  people Support will assist.  The only change will be a reversion to a PIN system instead of the current method.


What about the Knowledge Base?  Is that going anywhere?


     No.   Having a Knowledge Base that our customers can look at and use to solve issues without burning a case is a big deal for us, so we in Support are big fans of keeping that available and accessible.  More details to follow.


What about the Customer and Partner Portals?


     We’re working on those as well, Keep an eye on the Community Forum for more news as it  develops.


Speaking of which, what happens with the Community Forum?


     The Community Forum is sticking around.  It’s just too valuable from a service and support perspective to get rid of.


I suppose that means you’re sticking around, too.


     Of course I am.  Who else would be around to tell you that the only silly question is the one you don’t ask

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