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There’s a map for that!

by on ‎03-15-2012 11:41 AM

One of the great features of Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics is the map visualization. As sales, marketing or customer service representatives do their jobs, it helps if they can understand the nature of the problems they encounter, or the reasons for their success. Analyzing metrics across geographical boundaries provides important insights that will help them to do their jobs better and faster. Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics makes it easy to create that perfect map visualization.


Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics uses shape files to create map visualizations. Shape files are images that combine graphics with data that is mapped to it. For example, a shape file of the USA may contain shapes for each of the states that are then layered onto an image of North America. Additional data is associated to each of the shapes, such as the state abbreviation, or the state name. This makes it possible to map data in Sage SalesLogix to the data in the shape file, and display it correctly in the map visualization.



Shape files are an industry standard and are easy to find on the Internet There are administrative shape files that reflect political boundaries, but there are also shape files that include shapes for many different things, such as population density, earthquakes or other interesting data. In fact, there are tools that make it possible to create your own shape file.


With a few simple steps, new map visualizations can be created:


  1. Insert the shape file into the dashboard
  2. Create a relationship between the SalesLogix data, and the data associated with the shape file.
  3. Format the map so that the metric you want to track is associated to the right colors and value ranges.

Following these simple steps, a shape file of France can be configured to show a map laying out the sales for each province within France.



Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics is a powerful analysis tool that helps CRM users get to the right decisions faster. There are many features, such as map visualizations, that make it possible to quickly build the type of analysis that will make any organization better and more successful.


by Employee
‎03-16-2012 08:43 AM - edited ‎03-16-2012 08:43 AM

Very interesting article. Good explanation of map visualization with Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics. I appreciate the introduction to shape files.

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