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“The analyst who assisted you has requested additional information…”

by on ‎08-23-2010 09:24 AM

“The analyst who assisted you has requested additional information…”


The reason you would have received this e-mail is that you have an open and ongoing case with Sage Technical Support that has been set to a status of “Pending Customer Input.”  This means that no further work can or will occur on the case until we hear back from you.  This status can result from a number of situations;  We’ve provided a possible resolution and are waiting for you to test it and get back to us, or we’ve asked for testing or more system information and need that prior to continuing the troubleshooting process, or perhaps you’ve told us you cannot do any work on the issue for an extended period of time.  If you need to find out more about the specifics of that case, you can view the case notes online, or simply e-mail or call the Support Analyst who is working on the issue.


Then there’s that line in the e-mail that says, “The case will be automatically closed in 8 days, unless another date is decided upon by you and the analyst.”


Be aware that whatever the scenario the case will remain OPEN until that date/time is reached.  Additionally, if the case does get changed to “Closed – No Response”, which occurs automatically, the case can always be re-opened and we can and will continue working on the issue until it is resolved to your full satisfaction.

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