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The Xbar Factor – #Saleslogix Everywhere #YourCRMInside #CRM

by Employee on ‎07-15-2014 03:46 PM

Saleslogix for the entire enterprise 


With the recent release of Saleslogix Xbar, now Saleslogix data gets surfaced inside of Outlook.


Traditionally, every employee in an organization has Outlook for accessing email and staying organized. Most every employee in a company touches clients and customers in some way.  The challenge has been that not everyone within the organization is using Saleslogix to record their interactions or utilize the data in Saleslogix.  This causes disconnects and organizational inefficiencies.


Here’s the good news, Saleslogix users now have the ability to use #YourCRMInside for Outlook. Through a combination of Saleslogix Xbar and our concurrent user license model, Saleslogix can truly be everywhere in your organization.  More data collection in Saleslogix will equal better sales performance, better organizational reporting and ultimately happier customers!


Buy 3 and Train for Free” - Take advantage of Xbar and be part of the #YourCRMInside movement.  We’re making it simple to get started with our “Buy 3 and Train for Free” offer. Buy three concurrent licenses and deploy Xbar to the rest of your organization and we’ll provide Xbar training for free!  Offer valid in North American (U.S. and Canada) only. expires September 30, 2014. We will provide a one-hour live online training session. And we’ll record that training session so you can distribute the class to be watched over and over.  Call 1-866-898-2378 today and get #YourCRMInside

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