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The Right Content to the Right People Through the Right Source - Guest Blog by Dan Ogdon

by Administrator Administrator on ‎06-07-2010 01:30 PM

The Right Content to the Right People Through the Right Source

By Dan Ogdon


There are so many outlets in new media to reach your customers.  Likewise your customers are gathering information from more sources than ever before.  It’s great for you because you can reach new and existing contacts in so many ways, but how do you make sure your message is heard and ultimately taken action upon?

Your story can be told a lot of different ways.  The most important first step in any marketing plan is defining who will be the target of your message.  You know who the contacts are in your database, so tailor your message to each group independently – one size does not fit all.  Direct Message those that need to hear your story through social media outlets.

A tweet is pretty darn close to a subject line in an email.  Make me open the email; make me click your link.  Set the hook with strong copy that reads like a headline from the front page of the newspaper.

Give your contacts what they want.  If they ask to receive information about your paint services, don’t send them information about lawn services.  Cross targeting is an effective practice, but let the customer trigger when they receive this type of information through their behavior and habits.

Once you’ve piqued their interest, your contact should know exactly what you want them to do once they’ve reached your webpage.  If your visitor scratches their head when you send them to a web destination then why did you send them there?

The most exciting facet of digital marketing lies in the details.  You know which contact opened what email and what links were clicked.  You know what the most popular page was on your website.  You know how much traffic came from your last twitter post.  You know the top referring site to your blog, etc… Don’t discount how much your own analytics data gives you. 

Now do it!  Define your target markets and your target segments in your database.  Develop that punchy line that demands attention.  Direct traffic to relevant sources that have an unmistakable call to action.  Analyze your results and plan your next campaign based on what you have learned.

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