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The Interview #Interview #Jobs

by Employee on ‎05-03-2014 09:56 AM

I conduct a lot of interviews and realize that sometimes people may have never been informed or educated on some good practices as well as that the best practices may have evolved.  Here’s some great tips for interviewing.


  • Dress Nice – No matter what the attire they wore at your previous company or how relaxed you know this company is make sure you’re dressed to impress.  You want to make sure you look like you’re there for a professional interview.  Don’t forget about the shoes and deodorant.
  • Be Early – you never know what sort of unseen situations may come up so give yourself plenty of travel time.  If you arrive 40 minutes early don’t go in until about 10-15 minutes early.  If the interviewer is ready to interview you a few minutes early you want to make sure you’re there.
  • Be Prepared – Make sure you’ve studied the company’s website and are educated on their background, you won’t want to stumble if they ask you something like “What do you think about our product?” Be prepared to provide multiple people your resume, references or letters of recommendation.  Bring a professional looking notebook (not your daughter’s hot pink flowered spiral) and a pen in case you need to make notes. 
  • Ask Questions – To show that you already have researched the company, job, etc. ask questions and make sure they’re well thought out.  Limit your questions to 2-3.  Ask additional short questions throughout the interview to make it more conversational than Q & A.
  • Be Personable – The only reason that you’re at the interview is because you look like a good fit for the job on paper, you and the interviewer know what the paper says.  They may ask you questions regarding your resume but make sure you throw in some personal details that say “here’s who I really am”.  Make sure you avoid too personal of information, don’t share the story about going out to the bars last weekend.  Businesses more now than every care not only about if you can do the job but if you’ll be a good fit for the team and culture.
  • Relax – Take a few deep breathes before you walk in or clasp your hands if you’re nervous.  Sit up straight but don’t look uncomfortable.  Remember you’re there to learn just as much about them as they are about you.
  • Thank You – Send a thank you email or card to anyone to interview you.  Keep a close eye on spelling and grammar with this.  Make sure you thank them for their time as well as show your excitement about the job and the next steps.

Do you have any additional tips that have helped you? Share a good or bad experience you’ve had or seen.


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