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Software Development Kit (SDK) Support Plans and what they are and what they offer?! #SalesLogix

by Employee on ‎02-03-2011 08:02 AM

How Can a Software Development Kit (SDK) Support Plan help you?


I am sure you have heard the reference “SDK Support Plan” at some point in your SalesLogix Conversations, and I am sure you have also wondered what exactly it is, and what exactly can that they assist you with. Let me try and clear it up a little:

Our SDK group aids Certified Developers in troubleshooting issues involving code or scripting in customizations created for SalesLogix.  This could be that you may be getting an error message, or you are not getting the results that you expect from your code.


To a limited extent we can also aid, give ideas  in “how to”  questions for SalesLogix customizations, pointing out methods, functions or properties that will aid the developer in doing a customization that achieves a particular goal.


Here are some examples of broad categories that our SDK analysts have dealt with in the past:

  • How can I access (entity\property\method that the developer needs for their customization)?
  • I am using (function\method\property) and I receive (nothing\wrong data\error message).
  • I have a customization that does (something), and after upgrading it (no longer works\throws an error).
  • Can I do (something) through customization?
  • Can (form\function\method) be customized?
  • Error messages when building the Web platform in Application Architect
  • No data is displayed in a custom datagrid
  • Custom Smart part is not showing in the tabs


A separate SDK Support Plan is required for Customers to have access to the SDK group.  If you are interested in adding an SDK Support Plan to your current Business Care plan please contact Your Sage Business Partner or call 866-674-5588 for additional information today.


Partners need to have a minimum DEV 7.x Certification, or newer, depending on the version you are requiring assistance with.

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