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Simple ways to let your customers know you care… automatically - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

by Administrator Administrator on ‎01-18-2011 01:16 PM

Simple ways to let your customers know you care… automatically

by Annie Cooley


Personalization goes a long way when executed successfully. With automated marketing and list management tools that allow you to follow up with customers according to their demographics and participation with marketing message, this is a simple task.


  • A few ways you can add that special touch to start the New Year off right are...


  • Go beyond a generic welcome message.


  • Personalize your greetings and promotions.


  • Thank your customer’s personally by appealing to their specific segment or industry.


  • Determine your customer A-team and make sure they know their importance.


The key to each of these ways is personalization, personalization, personalization. With mail merge tools you can personalize the message by company, contact name and other basic database fields. Take this one step further and appeal to their specific industry or segment you categorize them in. Survey them to determine the right demographics.


This sort of personalization should start as you welcome a customer on board and should continue into the rest of marketing messages. Determine how you can categorize your list (through surveys and other list management tools) and take the time to create messages relevant to each segment. The time in the beginning may be tedious but the benefits you will reap will outweigh it.


The best part about this is that once you put in the work, it will run automatically from there.

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