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Session overload… Sage SalesLogix release v7.5.3 feature overview drives attendance to force a second webcast! #saleslogix

by on ‎09-09-2010 10:44 AM

Sage SalesLogix v7.5.3 is proving to be a much anticipated release!  After maxing out the initial webcast with eager customers a second session was created for the following day.  In fact, that session nearly overflowed as well.  The webcast was recorded and available for replay.


Here are a few of the highlights with version Sage SalesLogix v7.5.3:


  • Drag and drop capabilities for emails, library and attachments
  • Welcome page improvements (user created charts in widgets)
  • Desktop integration (SendSLX, drag and drop, etc) support with multiple browsers

Widgets were a hit with end users.  I created widgets like the ones shown below in several easy steps that any end user could accomplish with little to no training.  These are dynamic – and based on the data groups every Sage SalesLogix user has been using for years.



This chart shows all of my Leads broken down by priority (Hot, Warm and Cold).  Since it is based on one of my Marketing groups, it will always be dynamic and reflect current data.  By clicking the “View Group” link, end users can drill down and see the data behind the images.  Very powerful for the end users!




In the column chart above, once again based on a dynamic group of Opportunity data in Sage SalesLogix, I was able to demonstrate a goal based chart.  Notice the green line running horizontally along the $10 million dollar line.  It represents the goal set forth for this particular chart.  As a manager, I can build my own dashboard widgets with a goal in mind.  Then, see how my sales people are doing compared to that goal.  At a glance this is great, but being able to drill down and look at the data is an even more impactful management tool.


For those of you that attended, I thank you for your time and valuable feedback.  For those that didn’t have the time, please view the recorded webcast and see how great Sage SalesLogix v7.5.3 can be for your organization.


Jason Askelson

Director, Professional Services

Sage CRM Solutions

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