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“Selling, Telling or Just Bellowing” …

by on ‎09-02-2011 09:53 AM

For those of you that are sales professionals, have you ever left a prospect meeting/sales call and felt it went well only to be told later that they are not interested or went with another vendor? I presume the answer is “yes”.


As you reflect back on those situations, did you ask yourself if you were “selling”, “telling” or just “bellowing”? Let’s be honest, every “red blooded sales person” is guilty of “bellowing” ….. never asking questions, not bothering to understand the problem and only boasting about superior products and services. If not “bellowing” then certainly “telling”! Once again, little to no grasp of the problem but saturating a buyer with unnecessary facts and features and often “telling” them what they want vs. listening to what they need. In both these cases, its obvious why the sales were lost…too much talking and not enough listening.


When a professional is truly “selling”, there is an obvious dialogue with the prospect, questions are open ended and the client is responsible for the majority of the conversation. One of my favorite cliché’s for sales people has always been….” you were born with 2 ears and 1 mouth so let your prospects speak at least twice as much as you do”.


Once again, before your next sales opportunity…will you be “selling”, “telling” or “bellowing”? Its obvious which one has the most success.

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