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Saleslogix 8.1 and Saleslogix Sync for Microsoft Outlook

by Employee on ‎04-24-2014 08:32 PM

Saleslogix integration with Microsoft Outlook has several great features. If you use Outlook and have not used the add-ons for Outlook integration here is a chance to get to know what you are missing.


SendSLX and Record Email to History are the most popular Saleslogix Outlook add-ons.  They offer a quick and easy way to manage your customer interactions while you are doing your email.  Each feature saves a copy of the email to you contacts and leads.  SendSLX saves it as when you send the email.  Instead of using the Outlook send button you use the SendSLX button.  You will prompted through a few steps so you can link the information to the contacts in Saleslogix.  Use Record to History to record emails you have received.  


Saleslogix Sync for Outlook is new for 8.1.  This feature isn't new to Saleslogix although the sync engine is new to Sync for Outlook.  The sync engine replaces the 3rd party sync engine called Intellisync.  This sync engine leverages 3 years of effort building out our ERP integration strategy.  We are very excited to extend the ERP sync engine to Sync for Outlook  Under the hood the sync engine uses our web services layer and the SData Integration Contract has been extended to support Activiies and calendar items.


vCards, Address Book and Sales Library make up the 3rd part of the Outlook add-ons.  vCards are used to attach user or contact information to an email.  It is a standard for exchanging contact information.  Now you can add your contact or a contact's information as an attachment.  The Address Book feature allows you to look up Saleslogix contacts directly from your Outlook address book.  Select the Outook address book and select Saleslogix to look up accounts, contacts and leads.  Sales Libary is also accessible from Outlook.  This allows you to add library documents as attachments directly from Outlook.


Do work while offline.  If you are offline, you can modify your contacts and calendar items, send emails and record inbound emails while offline using SendSLX, and Record to History.  The system works behind the scenes to sync  the data between Outlook and Saleslogix.  The system will sync the Outlook information to Saleslogix once connectivity is resumed.  


The add-ons require the desktop version of Outlook to work.  See the compatibility guide to find out which versions of Outlook are required.  See for more information.

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