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Sage SalesLogix v8.0 Web Client Groups Work the Way that You Do

by Employee on ‎12-11-2012 12:00 PM

Do you find that you can be more productive when you can organize the details of your environment to accommodate your own work style?  Modifications available in Sage SalesLogix version 8.0 Web Client help you to do just that. 


Let’s start with the list view. You can customize your list view group tabs by adding or removing columns, changing the column order, and/or adjusting column widths. Hide or show group check boxes for each individual group, or do so for all groups, if you prefer. And there’s no need to go to the Query Builder -  you make these changes directly in the list view and your modifications to the interface remain available each time you log into Sage SalesLogix using the same computer and browser. Did you move something in a group tab by mistake?  No problem.  Undo your changes by right-clicking the group tab, and then clicking Revert Layout. See the “Customizing Your List View Groups” topic in the Web Client help for more information.


Do you have groups of records that you use daily, while others are used intermittently, and some only require seasonal focus?  Using the Groups list view settings, you can hide groups, show groups that were previously hidden, and search for a group. Group navigation is more user-friendly now too. If you select another group tab while in detail view, the view remains in detail view but defaults to the first record in the selected group.


Look for information about these and other new features that work the way you work in the “What’s New in this Release” help topic available with each Sage SalesLogix Client, as well as in the context-sensitive help available from each screen.

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