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Sage SalesLogix insider: Getting the most out of your #Sage #SalesLogix Trial

by Employee on ‎02-08-2012 10:51 AM

So you know you need a CRM solution but your organization is in the very early stages of deciding which one. Or maybe you’re an existing Saleslogix customer who hasn’t upgraded in a while and you’re thinking it’s probably time to get compliant and take advantage of the cool new features in the latest release. Great, let’s sign up for the Trial!! Wait a minute. Are you really ready for that?


A successful Trial is contingent on quite a bit of preparation before you even register. At the very least you should ask yourself and the other stakeholders in your organization some basic questions. What are you expecting to achieve at the end of the Trial period? Do you just need to have standardized Account Management that everyone uses or are you expecting to acquire business intelligence from this solution? The difference could be a simple as watching a web based demo or a few training tutorials versus uploading and importing a sample of real company data and building dashboards or reports. Which employees need to be involved during the Trial and what are their expectations? Will they have sufficient time to allocate for testing? Do you need third party integrated applications to make the experience a success?


Your Sage Business Partner or Sales Representative can help you determine what the right questions to ask in order to ensure your Trial experience meets your company goals. But many would probably admit they signed up for the Trial to avoid talking to Sales in first place. Maybe you think it’s too early or you’re not real keen on being qualified just yet. But diving into the Trial blind can be wasted time and resources that could better utilized on other projects.


The most successful Trial experiences I’ve participated in included our sales team early in the process, engaging a Sales Engineer before registering and having clearly defined goals and expectations.  I’ve participated in Trials that I’ve heavily customized to meet the company’s unique needs, including imported data, building reports or dashboards and then provided ongoing email support during the project life cycle. In every instance we were able to meet the prospects goals and determine if Saleslogix was the right solution to move forward with.


So give your Business Partner or Sales Representative a call first. Remember, as soon as you register the clock starts ticking.

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