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Sage SalesLogix Mobile - I only want my activities

by on ‎03-09-2010 05:49 AM


In a Sage SalesLogix Mobile solution, the data that resides on the device is typically a subset of the data in the host database.


The mapping of the data from the host to the device is setup in the Server2Client maps in the mobile architect.


While certain tables are gathered based on dependent relationships to the parent (Account or Contact), others are independent and are horizontally filtered using an optional clause (i.e. a where parameter on a SQL statement).


The "Out of Box" filtering for Activities is for activities the user owns (or is a member of), as well as any other users activities who are part of the users calendar group.


To change this to only ‘My Activities’, you can edit the optional clause for "Activities" in the Server2Client map.    Change the optional clause to be:



activityID IN (select activityID FROM sysdba.user_activity where userid = '?my_userid')



This will only select activities for a user (those which are owned, or the user is a member of) and not include the users calendar group.

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