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Sage SalesLogix Insider: Managing sales pipelines more effectively with custom queries #SalesLogix

by Employee on ‎12-16-2011 08:09 AM

For those of us who are CRM users, think about how many times a day you’re searching for information in your database. Most likely, it’s quite a bit. Now, I consider myself a CRM expert and I’m fully comfortable with all the various methods of querying and finding data in Sage Saleslogix but this isn’t always the case with your average end user. Take sales people for example. Many are probably not even aware of all the various ways to find what they’re looking for and since becoming a power user may not be their first priority its incumbent that some custom queries be setup automatically for them, especially for Opportunities.


Custom Queries allow you to create dynamic lookups and save them as groups for accounts, contacts, opportunities, tickets, contracts, returns and defects. So when your sales team logs in they see the queries they need to manage their highest priorities every day. Some examples could be leads from a recent tradeshow or other lead source. Maybe accounts who’s contract or fiscal year is coming to end – that’s a new sales opportunity.  If adoption of your sales methodology is challenging for the team, design your custom opportunity fields to have requirements that can then be leveraged to create dynamic queries. For instance, all opportunities closing this month over a certain value. Or perhaps lost opportunities by reason. Its hard to deny a pattern if its visible to all.


Of course, you’ll need ensure you have the proper customizations setup in your database as well as enforcement that your sales team is entering the data consistently but that’s why you bought CRM to begin with.


See Adam Mitchell, Regional Account Manager for the Eastern Sales Team explain how he uses query builder to manage his pipeline:



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