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Sage SalesLogix Insider: Manage your day with the Welcome Page in #Sage #SalesLogix

by Employee on ‎11-04-2011 01:35 PM

Hi, my name is Emily Youkers and I manage the team of CRM Sales Engineers who specialize in helping our Business Partners and customers identify how Saleslogix will benefit they're business and increase efficiencies, sales and productivity. I'll be posting a series of blogs here in the Journal that we're calling the "Sage SalesLogix Insider", where I'll be giving you the inside scoop on different product features and sharing out videos starring our very own sales team.  I hope you enjoy them!


One of the most of critical aspects of getting employees to adopt CRM and make the most out of your investment is ease of use or otherwise known as “usability”. My experience has shown one of the best ways is to have an area in the application the end user can rely on to perform the most commonly used functions as well as view a “snapshot” of their most important data. In the Saleslogix Web Client the Welcome Page is your best tool to achieve this. 


The Sage Saleslogix Welcome Page functions as your Dashboard which can be easily configured to show you the most important data as your first screen upon login. By default you’ll see your Activities for today, your Notes as well as have access to the most commonly used functions such as scheduling Activities and inserting Accounts. However, this view can be (and probably should be) customized specifically for your end users needs. Sales people need access to everything that is included by default but you should also include widgets that help keep them on track to achieve the metrics most important to your organizations sales goals. Some examples might be high value Opportunities or new Leads recently generated or imported.  Support employees would require a different configuration on their Welcome page giving them a snapshot view of tickets with the highest urgency or that are overdue for being resolved.


Some other creative uses for the Welcome Page would require more advanced customizations but you can extend the widget to dynamical update with data from another source such as a website or lead portal. You can also configure a custom widget with custom entity data such as a product table and then include graphs or charts to further enhance the snapshot experience.


Andrew Vick,  Western Regional Account Manager here in Scottsdale, discusses how he benefits from his customized Welcome Page in the video below.



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