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Sage SalesLogix Cloud Fireworks…

by on ‎07-06-2010 10:19 AM - last edited on ‎07-06-2010 01:16 PM by

As the 4th of July holiday weekend wrapped up, I was enjoying the fireworks display in a mountain resort when it hit me that today is my designated blog day for the Sage SalesLogix Journal blog.  All those booms, bangs, and fireworks bursting got me thinking about the explosive new features of the Sage SalesLogix Cloud release.


The new Dashboards on the Welcome page are quite a blast.  They contain customizable, pre-defined analytics in the form of charting and list widgets.  You can add your own charting and list widgets directly from the Welcome page. By configuring a few settings such as which Sage SalesLogix  group you want to use and how you want to filter the data and name the labels, you can now define your own custom dashboard widgets as bar, column, funnel, line and pie charts.  You can also send all the data for a group from a list view to a group list widget on the dashboard with the “Promote to Dashboard” link. It is as simple as 2 clicks!


The new Desktop Manager is sending flares all over the Sage SalesLogix community.  It allows you to drag and drop attachments and emails from MS Outlook into the SalesLogix Web client, as well as provide Outlook integration, mail merge capabilities and Excel exports without using the previously required Internet Explorer Active X controls. You can now use Firefox as your browser and you will have all the same functionality regardless of your type of browser. The new drag and drop for emails is very helpful when you need record information, but the email is not necessarily from the customer so you can drag and drop it into any record. For example, you have an email from your manager authorizing a special discount for a customer, now you can drag that email into the customer record and it is automatically added as part of its history items.


Just like one firework does not make a great show, you need more than one or two new features to make a great product.  So, let us show you all the new explosive features of the Sage SalesLogix Cloud release.  It is sure to spark new business for you and your customers. 

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