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Sage SalesLogix Benefits: Collaborate More Effectively #SalesLogix

by Employee on ‎12-12-2012 01:22 PM

I’m completely dependent on my calendar, in fact if my calendar ever got erased with no backup the world would come screeching to a halt.  I’m also a very visual person so if you were to open my calendar it would look like a holiday lights display. I color code just about everything because it helps me see very quickly what my priorities need to be that day. Now that activities are color coded by user in Sage Saleslogix v8.0, I can better determine which activities belong to which user so I can quickly determine what belongs to me and what belongs to my coworkers.


I also find that I’m much more productive when I can see others calendar next to mine, in fact its my preferred way of finding an open time slot for that important customer demo or meeting with my coworkers. In the new side by side, view I can easily see who’s available when and I can now drag and drop other items around to free up time if needed. If you prefer to see other people’s schedule inside the activity itself, the new Availability tab allows you to view multiple users from there as well.


You’ll also notice the calendar alert popups in the upper right corner now that let you snooze alerts, dismiss them or go to your calendar so you’ll never miss that important meeting or call again.


To learn more about the new collaboration features in Sage Saleslogix v8.0, be sure to register for and attend the webinar next week on Tuesday, December 18th:


Register here


If you have any specific topic requests for the webinar please leave them in your reply to my blog post!

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