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by on ‎01-05-2010 09:02 PM - last edited on ‎01-06-2010 08:30 AM by Administrator Administrator

Lately the topic of SData has become really big here at Sage. With this being the case I thought I would start to learn more about it and report my findings back to others. First lets explain what SData really is. SData is short for “Sage Data” and is really a REST web service. What is so special about this is that all of the product lines here at Sage will be subscribing to this. Now what does “Subscribing” really mean? Let me explain in more detail.


When a product line here at Sage subscribes to the SData web service contract they promise to expose their product via a REST web service that uses the same calls and formats as all the other products here at Sage.  In fact there is a website (that I highly recommend you visit and read from cover to cover) all about the contract rules of engagement,


Now here is where the really cool part comes into place. With everyone talking the same way back and forth integrations become so much easier to handle. Basically if you know how to extract data from SalesLogix you now know how to pull data from MAS500. The format of all the calls are the same, just the actual objects may differ. What I mean by this is, one product may have a person object and another product may store that same data in the contact object. The format to get data from these objects is going to be the same, but one will use person in the call and the other will use contact.


So how do you start working with SData you might be wondering? First, before you even start coding you NEED TO READ that website I posted. Why start blind? Read this site and you will understand all the calls, why and how they work plus get some code examples. Once this is done the Sage Training Department offers classes on SData that I highly recommend. You will start to learn about how to talk to SData with our Client Libraries and also with straight JavaScript.


SData is definitely the future of communication between products here at Sage. If you are interested in building integrations to Sage products are talking to them SData is something you will need to learn more about.

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