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Read the disclaimers!

by on ‎07-30-2010 09:22 AM

Today people spend too much time trying to find ways to infect, disable and /or destroy our personal and corporate computers and networks. With good intentions, we try to protect ourselves with virus scan, freeware, and anything else we can find. Many times these programs can interfere with existing systems/software and the makers do not provide assistance when something goes wrong (especially freeware).


I know several people who have spent hours trying to resolve issues only to give up, wipe everything clean and start from scratch. For example, we have heard reports of SalesLogix synchronization issues, changes to registry files and more. Before installing or running this type of program on a SalesLogix machine, we recommend searching for known or suspected conflicts between the protection product and your installed applications. You can search this community to learn about your peers’ experiences and the knowledgebase contains information on issues reported through Support. Do not forget to read the disclaimers that come with the protection software/product!

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