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Reaching the C-level through the Inbox - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

by Administrator Administrator on ‎05-21-2010 12:29 PM

Reaching the C-level through the Inbox

by Annie Cooley


Getting the attention of C-level executives isn’t often easy and at times can seem impossible.

You may have a great idea, business proposition or opportunity to share.  The problem is your email is not attracting their attention long enough to see the real value you offer.


Pace Smith, co-leader of the Freak Revolution, wrote a guest blog on Copyblogger to address this problem.  She offers 6 steps to craft an email that will increase your probability of getting attention.


1.    Open with a compelling subject line
2.    Introduce yourself in one sentence
3.    Do your homework
4.    Keep it short
5.    Be bold, not precise
6.    Don’t squee all over your shoes (in other words, act like a peer with a good proposal, not a #1 fan)


Oh subject lines!  We should all know by now how crucial a subject line is.  If your email is going to get noticed among hundreds of emails each day, it needs to stand out and the subject is the first point of interest.  Get to the point and be specific.


The email is not about you, it is about your proposition and how it can benefit your reader.  Keep your introduction to a minimum and cut to the chase.


The email is about the reader, so appeal to the reader.  Do the research to see what other business partners, speaking engagements or opportunities they have had in the past.  Put together an offer that is the same caliber, if not better, than the executive’s previous ones.


Being bold with the details means keeping it short and simple, yet concrete.  Provide the details that are needed rather than revealing every detail that goes into the proposal.  What is the minimum you can share that is strong enough to get your foot in the door?


Have you had success in reaching C-level executives with your offers?  Please share.

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