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Quick Tips for Holiday Email Marketing Success

by on ‎11-13-2013 09:19 AM

Every year around this time, businesses large to small, usually put their marketing campaigns in overdrive trying to maximize their Holiday presence for success. This is especially true with email marketing which you can easily see just by checking your inbox regularly during the holiday season. So with everyone playing at the top of their game and so many promotions being sent, what are some things you can do to increase your chances of not getting “lost in the inbox”? Here are just a few simple suggestions that could really increase your visibility and value of your email marketing campaigns.


Make your subject line really count!
Subject lines could be the whole focus of this blog post alone. Best practices should always be used when deciding on the perfect subject line. But at this time of year, people’s focus is “the deal”. So how can you still make an impact without resorting to using SPAM triggers like “FREE” or “20% off”?

The answer lies in creativity. You should do your best to appeal to people’s curiosity and make them want to click. Just a quick example that comes to mind is “See what Holiday savings await you….”


Show your holiday spirit.
Coming from a design background, I can spend hours ranting about the aesthetics of email layout and imagery. But for now I will just stress that adding some Holiday Spirit with festive imagery to your email, will really help potential customers identify with the fact, that your offer is special and available only for a limited time. Depending on the nature of your brand and the offer you’re sending, this can be done in either a colorful fun way or even a more traditional blue and silver classic style. Click here to view a gallery of styles and ideas to get your imagination going.


Let them know the deal.
With so many promotions and offers coming at people, you want to make sure when they come across yours, it is obvious and clear. It is best with holiday promotional emails, to get right to the point. As stated before, people are already kind of overwhelmed with savings, try to make yours as simple as possible for them. Clearly state your offer and any required details. If your promotion is something that is a little more complex or requires in-depth explanation, you may want to put all the details on a landing page and link to it in your emails “Call to Action”. Which leads me to my final tip….


How do I get that?
So you have the customer’s attention and they just have to take advantage of your offer! This is where a clear stated call to action becomes priceless. Do I go to a store? Do I buy online? Be very clear with the action you would like the customer to take next. Make it as obvious as possible because the action is just as important as the offer.


The above may seem like very basic suggestions, but I assure you they make an enormous difference when applied to your email campaigns. As always, your campaign is your voice. Try to be as creative in your delivery and messaging as possible, especially around the holidays. There is a lot of other marketing to compete with during this season, but I assure you with some time and the above principles in your “toolbox”, your email campaign will stand out and shine.

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