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Profiling a Sage #SalesLogix Support Contact

by ‎03-30-2011 09:04 AM - edited ‎04-07-2011 03:43 PM

Sage SalesLogix Support and Continuous Improvement go hand in hand. Not only do we work to improve our service delivery, we also work closely with other SalesLogix teams to ensure the needs of our customers and partners are visible and incorporated into new versions of software, documentation, training and other deliverables.


As part of this, Support recently outlined the key expectations typical Support Contacts have regarding their experiences with the product and our team. This profile applies to our partners and the majority of our support customers:


Preferred Experience: "I do not have a problem in the first place. The software functions as I expect it to. All the features I need are here. Documentation is readily available, comprehensive and easy to understand, as are training courses. And I am confident that if I have an issue or question, I have Sage resources at my fingertips to help me."


Second Best: "If I do have a problem, I can resolve it quickly by using self-service within the product. Contextual help text is a good example of this. When I use it, I am still within the Sage SalesLogix application."


Third: "If I do have a problem and cannot resolve it using self-service within the product, I can use self-service elsewhere to find my resolution. SupportOnline, the Knowledgebase and Community are examples."


Last: "If I do have a problem and cannot resolve it with self-service resources, I can contact Sage for assistance. I expect them to be:


  • Available
  • Fast
  • Knowledgeable
  • Professional

Many customers who work with their partners expect the same.


Are these your expectations? Or do you prefer something different? I encourage you to let me know by commenting here or contacting me directly at


And remember, if you currently are engaged with Sage SalesLogix Support and we are not meeting your expecations, or if you'd like to share an experience that exceeded your expectations, please email You'll directly contribute to our improvement efforts.




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