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New and exciting opportunities for #SalesLogix through #Sage SData and the CRM Integration Contract

by on ‎04-17-2012 09:31 AM

As many of you know, a few years ago Sage introduced a new technology that simplifies how data is shared between applications.  It is called SData, which is short for Sage Data. SData is a REST-based technology that allows data to be shared through a query language that is embedded in the URL. Payloads of data are exchanged back and forth between applications in this manner. SData supports Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) transactions.


While SData is a great new technology, Sage did not stop there. Sage has added value above and beyond data sharing by simplifying how Sage applications work with each other through SData-based 'contracts'.  An integration contract defines how information should be shared between the various Sage ERP and CRM products. Each product builds an adapter that complies with the specifications in the CRM Integration Contract. This is how Sage SalesLogix and Sage X3 will be able to communicate. Each product has built an adapter to the contract.


There are five key benefits that Sage SalesLogix customers and users will enjoy because of this new approach to integration, and the technology that supports it:


  1. Worry-free upgrades
  2. Real-time access to X3 data
  3. Rich ERP functionality simplified and accessible to the Sage SalesLogix user
  4. Linked and synchronized data
  5. More products integrated to SalesLogix


Let’s look closer at each of these benefits and how they will be achieved:


Worry-free Upgrades

The integration contract provides the ability for customers to upgrade either their Sage SalesLogix or their X3 applications without breaking the integration. As each product introduces new versions, the releases are tested to ensure compatibility with the contract. Since the contract stays the same, the products can continue to communicate with each other.


Real-time access to X3 data

Sage SalesLogix users can better serve customers and prospects through real-time access to their X3 data. Real-time Data Views are views in Sage SalesLogix that query the ERP system for data every time the form is refreshed. We have built real-time data views for sales orders, invoices, payments and other account-related information.


Rich ERP functionality simplified and accessible to the Sage SalesLogix user

Cross-application workflows allow CRM users to complete tasks that would otherwise be done using the ERP system. For example, Sage SalesLogix users can submit an account to the ERP system, and wait for the ERP system to accept it. The ERP system can run checks to make sure the record should be created in the ERP system, before accepting it. Cross-application workflows allow the complexity of the ERP system to be hidden from CRM users.


Linked and Synchronized data

Synchronization of data for offline access, reporting or other needs that require the flexibility of having the data in SalesLogix. Each ERP system can synchronize data with Sage SalesLogix. This includes accounts, contacts, products, sales orders, quotes and other ERP information. The information can be synchronized one-way or two-way, and the entities that are synchronized may vary depending on the adapter that the ERP product has built.


More products integrated to Sage SalesLogix

Sage SalesLogix users will benefit from the integration from Sage X3 if they choose to use this ERP product, however, the CRM Integration Contract will be leveraged by many Sage ERP products, as well as other Sage and non-Sage products. As more and more products build their adapters to the contract, SalesLogix customers will benefit from more choices to enhance the Sage SalesLogix experience.


Sage X3 will be the first Sage ERP application available in North America to integrate to Sage SalesLogix through the contract. The integration represents many significant business benefits for our customers It is important to understand these benefits and how they can simplify your life.


So, what do you get with the CRM Integration Contract based integration between X3 and Sage SalesLogix?


  • Two-way synchronization of the following entities in Sage SalesLogix
  1. Accounts
  2. Contacts
  3. Sub-entities for accounts and contacts, including addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses are also synchronized


  • One-way synchronization (X3 to Sage SalesLogix) of the following entities in Sage SalesLogix
  1. Products
  • Multi-point integration: Synchronization will work with multiple instances of SalesLogix and/or X3, and multiple operating companies within X3. Sage SalesLogix only needs to have an account in the system once, but can link that account to all the other X3 and Sage SalesLogix databases that are linked through the integration.


  • Account Promotion: Ability to promote an account to ERP as a customer or as a prospect.


  • Product Catalog View: Ability to see X3 products listed in the Sage SalesLogix Products main view.


  • Real-time Data Views:   For each account, users can see ERP information in real-time for sales orders, invoices, payments, deliveries and more.


  • Sales Orders: Ability to create, view and edit orders through X3 forms. Orders are created directly in X3 using an X3 form that Sage SalesLogix pops open when the user wants to create a new order or edit an existing one.


  • Quotes: In addition to the Sales Orders, the ability to create and edit quotes through X3 forms is being added.

The SData integration contract is truly an innovation, and represents the experience and knowledge that Sage has gained by integrating its products over the years.


Click here for more detailed information about the Sage CRM Integration Contract.


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