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New 7.5.3 HQL Data Source control is a winner!

by on ‎07-16-2010 06:18 AM

Many times I have needed to filter the data in the data source object before it was bound to a grid. To do this before the new hql data source control a business rule was needed. The new hql data source makes this much easier now.


With the new hql data source in SLX Web 7.5.3 you can run a hql query against the database and return only the data you require then bind to a grid. This is really a great feature! You can pass parameters as well so that it can be a dynamic query.


Let me give you an example of what I have done with this control so far. The current history tab in SLX Web shows all types of history (less database changes) in the grid at once. You can not filter this in anyway. My first project with the new hql data source was to improve on this tab.


With the new hql data source I was now able to give the user the functionality of filtering out history that might now be needed and lots more! You can filter by....


  • History type
  • Contact for the current account
  • Data range
  • SLX User
  • Include / Remove database changes

The tab was built completely in AA using the standard tools and some code (much less then you would think).


Below you will see a screen shot of the beta version of this tab. I'll be hosting a partner tech call at the end of the month where you will see how everything works and most importantly GET THE EXAMPLE Smiley Happy



by Silver Contributor
on ‎07-19-2010 07:05 AM

Hi Gene,


Interesting one! Is thre a chance to get eh sample earlier?

Thanks! Alexander

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