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My favorite productivity tools #Productivity #Tips

by Employee on ‎05-21-2014 02:11 PM

As a creative designer in marketing, it seems that everything around me is always changing and moving fast. Requirements change as do concepts, but rarely does the initial deadline ever compensate for this. So with all these variables constantly in the mix, there are a few tools that I rely on to keep my productivity on track.



Communication is of the upmost importance in my daily job function and nothing makes it easier to keep conversations rolling for me than Skype. With my whole team utilizing it, I am able to get the answers I need, when I need them, in real time. This is a huge advantage for me staying productive. Add on top of that its file sharing and screen share capabilities, I can’t be thankful enough for this freeware program.


Google Docs/Dropbox

Always having access to the most current information helps me to ensure my deliverables fulfill their requests. As things evolve, both content and layout requests change. Having a single source to go to for the latest versions of content saves me a lot of time going back and changing things. I find both Google Docs and Dropbox invaluable in these areas making it very easy to keep copy, images and requests organized and allow me to keep moving forward.


Hot Keys

So it sounds simple, but by utilizing short cut keys in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. I end up saving myself huge chunks of time over the course of the day. A few seconds saved on each action adds up and leads to increased production.



Working with creative, sometimes productivity needs to be inspired. Nothing helps me accomplish tasks faster or brain storm strong concepts better than music. Helps to get creative juices flowing and to focus on the task at hand. My days just would not be the same without Spotify in them!


What are some of your favorite productivity tools? Please share them here!

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