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Mobile Upgrades - Allow users to stay Mobile

by on ‎11-17-2009 01:33 PM

One of the challenges of an Administrator is to handle the logistics of installation and upgrades of the mobile software.


The ability to have users install Over-the-air (OTA) has existed for quite a while in SalesLogix Mobile for both BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices.   While this method of having users login to a deployment page to get access to the installation files and settings still exists,  the email notification functionality that first was introduced in version 5.5 simplifies the process even further.


Through the SalesLogix Mobile Administrator, email notifications can be sent out to end users that will contain a personalized query string enabling users to directly access their personalized installation page.     While a user is configured for a particular device (BlackBerry, Pocket PC, or Smartphone), the correct version (if versions exist for different operating systems) is determined based on the information available in the Http Request itself.     This ensures that a BlackBerry storm user for instance, will get the version compiled for their OS.


After the application is installed and run for the first time, the required settings are dynamically retrieved during  startup so the user can immediately look to start their first synchronization.


The notification messages are configurable, and can be used for sending out installation or upgrade notifications, or general communications.


Many of the features introduced in SalesLogix Mobile  have been geared towards easing the Administrative burden, and allow the mobile end users to stay mobile, even through maintenance and release upgrades.

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