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Managing your schedule is easier with the Sage SalesLogix v8.0 Web Client calendar

by Employee on ‎09-21-2012 10:50 AM

How do you like to use your calendar? To organize your day, keep track of important meetings, make sure you complete tasks on time and meet deadlines? In version 8.0, the updated Sage SalesLogix Web Client calendar enables you to better see and manage your schedule.


You can move between the four Calendar views - Day, Week, Work Week, or Month to see activities within that time frame. You can also set options to customize your calendar. For example, you can select the first day of your week and which days comprise your work week. Improved calendar navigation enables you to easily move to another day, month, or year. Each Calendar view also has Previous and Next buttons to navigate through the time frame, and a Today button to quickly return you to the current day’s calendar.


Want to see free/busy information for others? You can see up to four Sage SalesLogix users' calendars at the same time. That might be for yourself and three others, or perhaps you don’t need to see your own calendar, just the calendar for four others. Pick the ones you want from the Calendar Users section, where all of the users whose calendars you can access are listed. Selecting a check box adds that user to the calendar and shows the color that will be used on the calendar to represent the user’s items. If you usually view the same users’ calendars, click Tools, Options, Calendar tab and set the option to remember the users selected from session to session. 


Calendar View


In addition, the refreshed Calendar appearance makes it easier to keep up with your day. 

  • Events now appear at the top of each day they are scheduled for and span from the start date to the end date. If you prefer, you can limit the number of events that can display on the Calendar’s Day and Week views.
  • Timeless activities are listed in their own Timeless Activities section and completed timeless activities appear in their own Completed Timeless Activities section. Both lists indicate the calendar user and can be sorted by activity type, the contact’s or lead’s name, or Regarding.
  • Activities appear on the calendar with icons to identify the activity type, whether an activity is recurring, has an alarm, or includes an attachment.
  • Activities that are unconfirmed are easily identified by the diagonal white lines in the activity heading. You can also use options to specify the information you want to see for each activity, for example the phone number or what the activity is regarding.

You can still drag and drop activities to move them to a different date or time, click and drag an activity to change the duration of the activity, hover over an activity to see additional details, click a link to open a detail view, or right-click an activity to complete or delete it.


Look for more information about these and other features in the upcoming Sage SalesLogix v8.0 as the release date gets closer.


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