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Learn to use Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics!

by Employee on ‎01-24-2012 11:36 AM

The Sage SalesLogix End User's Subscription has been updated with several exciting videos on learning how to use Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics!


Lear how to:

Select data and hide/show details

Clear markings

Use hierarchy and slider controls

Use the dashboard icons

Hide and show legend

Export visualizations to printer-friendly files or images

Use filters to narrow the data set


We also have several videos on using the Dashboards:



  • Sales by Geography
  • Historical Sales
  • Sales Trend
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Win/Loss
  • Ranking Analysis
  • Productivity Analysis



  • Revenue
  • Potential Revenue
  • Responses
  • Budget vs. Actual



  • Agent Productivity Trend
  • Ticket Categorization
  • Agent Workload


Get started by logging on to your My University by visiting and launch the End User’s Subscription. Next, launch the How Do I? video repository and select the “End User – Advanced Analytics” section:



Have a question on how to use Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics? You can always navigate to the “How Do I?” tab in the End User’s Subscription and ask our training team a question – we’ll either point you to the training video that answers your question or record one that does! 

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