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Java and RSS Biscotti –My Early Morning Fix! 5 of My Favorite Marketing & Social Media Feeds

by ‎08-19-2010 10:24 AM - edited ‎08-19-2010 10:31 AM

With social media tools and sites changing at such a rapid pace, it isn’t easy to keep up with every little change to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the thousands of applications created in the last 24 hours.  So, I have made it a practice to grab a big mug of java and settle in for some reading before the whirlwind of meetings and interruptions kick off for the day. My Google Reader has become my morning biscotti. I even get to pick the flavor that fits my mood each morning.


RSS Biscotti – Here are a few of my favorites:


Hubspot – Awesome Inbound Marketing Blog & tons of tools to help you measure and improve the quality of your website and social media networks.


Mashable – If you’re new to social media and want to keep current on changes, Mashable is a great source for updates on social media tools and networks.  And, they always have something for you gadget lovers and techies too.


Bloomberg Businessweek – Businessweek hosts several blogs.  I scan for hot trending topics, technology, and helpful tips in The New Entrepreneur.


Yahoo News - What can I say…everything you every wanted to know is here…even the stuff you don’t want to know about!


Sage SalesLogix Journal - Shameless plug! Of course I have this blog on my RSS Feed.  You can add it to your feed by using the Blog Options drop down (located just above the blog article title), and selecting Subscribe to RSS Feed.

In addition to the typical news and website feeds, I use my RSS reader to monitor the internet and communities for specific content.  For example, when we run a Twitter promotion, we ask people to tweet a specific message.  Then, we use Twitter’s advanced search to setup a query by defining the text we want to monitor.  You can subscribe to your advanced search results and monitor them in your reader.




Ever have a desire to monitor content in a public forum?  In many communities, there is an option to create an RSS feed from your search results.  Be warned, that any communities hosting private forums, will never show private content in the reader, due to limitations of most readers passing security credentials.  Nevertheless, using search terms to create an RSS feed can be a powerful way to uncover potential prospects. 


In our community, I often monitor activity for our top contributors.  Right now, our top 5 contributors in the community are:


RJ Ledger Alexander Pfingstl NGaller Mike Boysen Tim Agersea

Thanks for your participation!!!


To setup an RSS feed to monitor their activity, I simply go into the advanced search for posts, and enter the user is as the Author.  Then, I can create an RSS feed for the results.   Any posts to public forums will then be available for viewing in my RSS reader.  Imagine using this to search for key terms that help identify potential services or products you offer.  Take a look at other communities and see if they have this capability, so you can leverage the power of your RSS reader and find new leads.



What are your Top 10 Feeds that help you do your job every day?  Share your favorite web sites with our readers.

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