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Internal CRM

by Employee on ‎07-14-2010 08:33 AM

If your business is like ours, your executives, sales and marketing teams, customer service staff, account managers, and other groups in your organization spend a tremendous amount of time and energy communicating with your customers, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders – which of course is very important. 


You likely communicate important company news, announce new products and services, and promote upcoming events, among other things.  You may even have very mature channels and mediums to share this information – newsletters, e-mails, mailings, webcasts – or even an Online Community!


Despite all of this, have you ever had one of your colleagues say they never knew about some of these important news items (not you, of course…one of your colleagues)?   How could this be – with all of the attention and focus you place on the communications described above?


The reason is that your employees are a unique constituency all to themselves.  Just like your customers, partners, suppliers, etc., your employees also need a convenient, easy way to stay abreast of the latest news and info – and it usually isn’t by being copied on the communications delivered to your external stakeholders.


So where to start?  There are a number of great ways to communicate internally – an intranet site, an employee newsletter or memo, office meetings, etc.  Here at Sage, we have an “Employee Lounge,” which is a (hidden) forum on this very Online Community, as well as a great Intranet site and a number of other internal communication vehicles.


The keys to successful employee communication include executive buy-in and support, proper commitment and resourcing, frequency and consistency, and accountability.  That’s right – hold people accountable for knowing the information that is provided to them! 


Effective communication with employees doesn’t seem like an advanced concept, yet it is often overlooked.  Where does your company fall on this issue?   Does your company make proactive efforts to keep employees informed and up to date?  What practices and technologies do you use to help facilitate this? 

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