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Improving your monthly newsletter - Guest blog by Annie Cooley

by Administrator Administrator on ‎04-27-2011 11:29 AM

by Annie Cooley


Newsletters hold the most important and up to date news happening for your company. Because of their consistency (monthly, weekly, quarterly), they can become something that is quickly passed over without much thought. Sometimes a little change is what your newsletter needs to spark the attention of your stagnant readers.


Don’t get me wrong I think consistency is a good thing, but why not add a little spunk to your next newsletter.


A few ways to make a change…


  • Spring is quickly approaching so why not add a little more color to your campaign. Keep the same format and style, but add that splash of color that give your brand colors a little more umph.
  • Give your business a face. Take a picture of your employees in action or a recent event you put on. People naturally connect with seeing images of people and will be more drawn to read further.
  • Rework your format. Maintain the same general color scheme and style but bring your two columns to one or your one column to two.
  • Add a poll or survey just for the fun of it. Ask your customers what they think of the new iPad or which American Idol they want to see win (or something far more relevant to your company).
  • Offer a tip of the week.
  • Debut a white paper or other valuable piece of content, making it exclusive to your newsletter recipients.
  • Most importantly, pay attention to the results you receive from your spiced up newsletter. Are they positive? Keep it up. Are they negative? Try something different.


Have you made changes to your newsletter recently? What were the results?

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