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Improve Your SalesLogix Knowledgebase Experience Through Boolean Searching

by Employee on ‎03-02-2011 08:15 AM

As we continue to better understand the new SalesLogix knowledgebase, it is important that everyone has the best searching experience possible. One of the ways to improve your searching experience is to understand how the search engine works - from a Boolean perspective.


To share a recent customer experience - A customer had experienced some challenges when they entered FTP Socket Error in the search field, as they only received 9 search results - none of which relevant to resolving their issue. First, it should be noted that our knowledgebase is a dynamic and growing repository, so the resolution to your issue may not be in there; however, working with one of our knowledgeable support analysts can help you resolve your issue and get that resolution into the knowledgebase for future use.


The reason why only 9 search results were retrieved is because consecutive unquoted words in a search string have inherited Boolean AND operators. In other words, the knowledgebase perceives the search string FTP Socket Error as FTP AND Socket AND Error; meaning that it will only retrieve articles that have all three words. These words do not have to be consecutive within the article's contents, just somewhere throughout the article.


Here are some other manipulations of using Boolean searching:

  • Inherited AND Operator: Search for FTP Socket Error = 9 search results
  • Usage of OR Operators: Search for FTP or Socket or Error = 2269 search results
  • Usage of OR Operator and Quote String: Search for FTP or “Socket Error” = 61 search results
  • Usage of OR Operator and Inherited AND Operator: Search for FTP or Socket error = 63 search results
  • Removing one word from original string: Search for socket error = 5 search results
  • Usage of Or and NOT Operator: Search for socket or error not FTP = 2214 search results


You will notice that as you search with the different Boolean operators that your search results will change.

In summary - Here are the Boolean Operators:

  • AND - Searches for 2 or more words contained in the same article
  • OR - Searches for one or more words, but all words do not have to be contained within article
  • NOT - Searches for one of the terms, but eliminates the term/phrase after the not


You should also be aware that if you have an error message that contains the word not, that if you place this into the search field unquoted that the search will eliminate the word(s) after the not in the string. To improve your search experience, you will want to quote the entire string or you can quote just not.

  • Example 1: "SalesLogix Application Architect did not start successfully message when launching SalesLogix"
  • Example 2: SalesLogix Application Architect did "not" start successfully message when launching SalesLogix


As you continue to use the knowledgebase, I encourage you to experiment with Boolean searching and perform multiple searches before giving up.


Thank you,


Matthew Campbell
Knowledge Management Lead, Sage SalesLogix
Sage CRM Solutions


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