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How to Create Killer In-Product Training Videos

by Employee on ‎09-04-2014 08:58 AM

CRM is a complex tool that, when used to it’s potential, can help your business immensely.   Even explaining what CRM does and its purpose, to someone who’s never used it, becomes quite a task.  In-product training videos are the remedy for that illness.


There are many companies out there that are utilizing this ideology, when it comes to training users on how to interact with their product, and software is a great example.  There is everything from short sound-bite videos to complex, full-fledged training videos.  But how many end-users really have the time to sit through an entire training course to become experts?  In today’s workforce the answer is zero. 


Saleslogix (soon to be renamed Infor CRMTM) has developed and created Getting Started videos that will be released as a part of the upcoming release of our Professional Cloud edition.  These videos walk the end-user through the terminology, layout, and overall function of Saleslogix.  This will help improve efficiency and get them to where they need to be.  The videos are concise and quickly get to the point to prevent any time wasted by going extremely granular.  We’ll have you on your feet in no time.  Taking the first step just got easier!


Another great aspect of these training videos is that the terminology is consistent throughout the Saleslogix product, so if your company decides to upgrade to the Enterprise Cloud option, no problem!


The Professional Cloud edition and training videos will be available with the release of the new addition in October, so stay-tuned for updates and get ready for its arrival!  If you are interested in trying out the Professional Cloud option, it is currently an active Beta, so contact for more information!   

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