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How implementing mobility with Sage SalesLogix increases user adoption

by on ‎07-09-2012 10:01 AM

Let’s take a quick poll… 


How many sales people complain about their computers?  You know what I mean - there too big, too bulky, take too long to boot up, applications don’t work, too slow, etc. 


Now, when was the last time you heard a sales person complain about their smart phones?  <insert sound of crickets here>.


Trust me – it isn’t just Angry Birds and Words with Friends that keep today’s mobile sales force attached to their phones.  Obviously email and phone features are the top items required by a sales person.  But Instant Messaging, Texting, Mapping tools and Internet capabilities are just as important.  And when we see our sales people using their devices for nearly everything they do on a daily basis it will continue to drive them away from flipping open the lid on their laptop, booting it up and logging in just to enter notes in their CRM system.  Add tablet devices like the iPad to the mix and you begin to see just how easy it would be for the laptop to go the way of the Rolodex…


With Sage SalesLogix you can have it all on ANY device.  Whether you are logging in on a laptop / desktop or accessing your data through a mobile device you have the freedom to choose.  And since mobile is included with your Sage SalesLogix license, you don’t even have to pay extra for that freedom of choice!  Deployed in the cloud or on premise – it doesn’t matter.  Mobile can be deployed in any environment.  In fact, even if you are still using our Windows based application – you can deploy the mobile application for your end users.


I hope you can join us at Sage Summit this year in Nashville, TN (Sage Summit) to learn more about what Sage SalesLogix Mobile can do for your organization.


Best regards,


Jason Askelson

Sr. Director, Sales & Services

Sage Mid-Market Division

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