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Good vs. Great #WebDesign #Tips

by Employee on ‎05-12-2014 02:17 PM

What is the difference between a good and great when it comes to website design?


To begin to explore that question, I think we need to define what we consider “good”. I believe that a good website is simply one that addresses the basic needs and goals that allow a website to be functional and useful. This includes:


  • The implementation of consistent use of style, text and image treatments.
  • The presence of core components like a standardized header, footer and navigation menu.
  • And finally, clear, prominent and functional calls-to-action that facilitate your visitor’s interaction with you, your company or your service.

Just putting all these pieces together in a logical and cohesive way should provide the foundation for establishing your presence online and allowing you to tap into the vast potential of partners, prospects and customers looking for businesses like yours. And that’s good.


But to really go beyond that and be great requires a little more dedication, effort and attention to detail. Paying attention to some of the more advanced features and contemporary design trends can really give your website an extra boost.  Look at other websites both within and outside of your industry.  What cool things are they doing that you could incorporate? 


Is your website optimized for mobile phones and tablet viewing? Make sure your site design is responsive and that you’re delivering a quality experience on these devices as well as a desktop browser. 


Lastly, consistently audit and review your site to make sure it is keeping up with the current standards. Cool design ideas and development techniques are quickly and constantly evolving, so don’t just put up your great new website and let it sit there – continue to monitor and tweak in order to ensure your website remains fresh and relevant!


What tips do you have for great web design? Please share them here!

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