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Generating awareness for your brand

by on ‎11-17-2010 09:40 AM

It feels like we are all using email marketing to communicate with our customers and attract new prospects. We work hard to buy the right list and create just the right message that will resonate with them so our brand or service will stay top of mind. Unfortunately, email marketing only provides a single avenue of communication. And if your list or message isn’t quite right, or heaven forbid, the recipient deletes your email without even reading it, your opportunity to open up the lines of communication with that person is lost.


Now don’t get me wrong, email marketing still has its place in the marketing mix, but it doesn’t help generate overall brand awareness. If you are experiencing similar pains, you might need to cast a wider net of marketing activities to breathe a little life into your campaigns.


For 2011, Sage SalesLogix marketing team is doing just that.  We are embracing some very traditional marketing mediums, in-flight magazine advertisements and radio, as well as some new channels for marketing, LinkedIn and YouTube. We are hoping that with the addition of these broad reach marketing mediums, we can reach an audience that we would not be able to get in front of with traditional email marketing. Our goal is to enhance the brand awareness of Sage SalesLogix in the business space.


Even though we are using some traditional media channels like, print advertising in in-flight magazines and radio; we are adding some new twists.  For the in-flight ads, we are adding text response for the call to action instead of just a standard 800 number.  This give prospects “on the go” a chance to learn about us without the commitment of a call or the time visiting the web. For radio, we are looking at satellite radio.  This gives us control to segment the audience by interest versus geographical area. 


Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about social media!  LinkedIn and YouTube are providing marketers with additional media outlets. They will provide us exposure to a wide audience that we would not be able to reach with traditional list purchases.

With any brand awareness program, the goal is to make the first part of the conversation with a prospect focused on what we can do for them instead of “who we are”. 


These are just a couple of suggestions of marketing activites.  There are definitely more options than ever before.  It is up to you to decide what make sense for your industry.  We would like to hear what is working for you or areas you would like to learn more about.

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