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Gathering Leads Six Different Ways - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

by Administrator Administrator on ‎08-10-2010 07:56 AM

Gathering Leads Six Different Ways

by Annie Cooley


How can your business generate leads inexpensively?  The starting point is to have a place on the website that tells the company story and allows the viewer to request information via web form.  You can also motivate current customers to refer new leads.  If the budget allows, use the strategy to purchase lead lists and use paid advertising (such as paid keywords) to drive traffic.


Website – Create a landing page with a web form that allows people to ask for more information about the company’s products or services.  Ask for their name, email address and if they want to be called by a sales person. You can create a landing page within the Swiftpage Editor.

Networking - Collect leads at a networking event and enter them into your CRM database. One way to do this is by putting an offer on the back of your business card to sign up for your newsletter.

Referral – Send an email blast to your current customers with an incentive if they refer you.  Include a form in the email that allows the customer to enter contact information for the new person they are referring.

Purchased List - Purchase a list from a list provider with demographics that you are interested in. Import the purchased list into your CRM database and utilize the print and telemarketing stages of Swiftpage’s Drip Marketing.  You can then lead them to a website landing page with an opt-in survey form or simply ask for permission to email over the phone.

Purchase a Lead – Work with a web-based portal that sells qualified leads for your industry and enter the lead into your CRM database.  Utilize print and telemarketing pieces before you send emails without permission.

Advertise – Place an ad that drives people to your website or product-specific landing page to capture lead information using a survey form.

Desired Results:

•    A group of new leads in your CRM database that have requested a call from sales.

•    A group of new leads in your CRM database that need to be nurtured.

Stay tuned for more scenarios and an in-depth whitepaper that provides further theory into these automated marketing scenarios.

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