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Focusing on Core Competencies with Cloud-based Computing

by Employee on ‎06-28-2010 08:59 AM

As most companies have grown over the years and decades their IT organizations have grown bigger and bigger as well.  Unfortunately this growth in IT has often times become a distraction from the core competencies of their businesses.  Instead of focusing on the products they build or the services they deliver, companies have found themselves spending way too much time and money building competencies around running data centers and IT operations.


Cloud-based computing enables companies to begin to re-focus more and more of their time on the areas that matter most and that drive revenue.  Companies no longer need to have large teams specialized in hardware and software management and maintenance.  Instead they can focus their IT teams on working closely with the business units on critical projects like integrating their ERP and CRM systems.


Many companies originally dipped their toes in the world of cloud computing with applications such as CRM.  However, most IT organizations are now taking an overall strategic view of cloud computing, assessing which applications and services could be hosted in either a public or private cloud.  Cloud Computing will continue to alter the IT landscape over the next few years and decades, affecting not just how companies run IT, but more importantly, how they run their business.

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