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First Touch vs Last Touch Credit

by on ‎06-16-2010 09:54 AM

There’s an ongoing debate in marketing about “last touch credit” versus “first touch credit.” When you’re trying to assess which of your marketing campaigns worked best, you turn to analytics. And via analytics integration with our CRM solution (Sage SalesLogix), we can see how each campaign performed: how many leads were generated, how many of those were aligned, how many turned into closed sales, etc.

But, there’s  still a question about first touch versus last touch. In conducting an integrated campaign, there are multiple ways and media by which customers/prospects can respond. Did they click through from an email, from a press release, via a link in a Tweet, put in an ad code from a direct mail piece, register for a white paper, etc.? And sometimes they come in through more than one of those avenues.

We can track them as coming back to our site, or a sales representative has a conversation with them and they mention the marketing campaign that drove them to call in. So which vehicle gets the “credit” for the lead? For example, a prospect first comes to our Website via a search engine pay-per-click ad; they fill out a form to get a white paper and that search engine lead source is recorded in SalesLogix.  They get a subsequent email campaign from us directing them to the free trial. They come back to the site, sign up for the free trial, get a call from a sales representative kicking off the sales process, and ultimately buy the product. So did the email for the free trial convert them? Again, which lead source gets the “credit” in analytics for the sale?

And things get even dicier when you add awareness types of vehicles, where—though you may try via specific landing page URLs, phone numbers, etc.—it’s more difficult to measure their impact.

I guess I’m not providing an answer here because I think there are debates for both first touch and last touch credit. And the good news is that we’re able to record subsequent lead sources to the contact record in SalesLogix so we can see the multiple touch pattern and assess accordingly. But, it’s still an interesting discussion and I’m interested to hear how other people are handling it.

on ‎01-14-2011 09:50 AM

We currently use Marketing Campaigns to accomplish this. SalesLogix does not provide a way to track costs on Lead Source, so the first Campaign assigned to the Lead, becomes the Lead Source. We also have generic campaigns such as "Referral" to handle those we did not actively marketing to. This allows us to look at the cost of each lead generated to determine where to spend our Marketing dollars for new lead generation.


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