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Finding Out About What's New

by Employee on ‎11-26-2012 10:07 AM

After installing an upgrade or service pack for Sage SalesLogix, do you ever wonder if you know about all of the new features and functionality in the released product?  Remember that you can find this information in several locations in the documentation.


Upgrading documents: These documents are either named Applying Service Pack x for Sage SalesLogix vX.x.pdf (if you applied a service pack) or Upgrading Sage SalesLogix from vX.x to vX.x.pdf (if you upgraded using a full installation).

Installed with Sage SalesLogix and usually available from the Start menu, each document contains the following chapters:

  • “Changes in this Release details what has been added, changed, or removed for the whole product.
  • “Plugin Changes in this Release” focuses specifically on changes to plugins, including additions and modifications to tables and fields.


Help Files: The help file for each of the main Sage SalesLogix applications contains a topic called “What’s New in This Release. This topic is specific to the application and lists the product changes, usually with a link to a topic providing more information. Look for these topics in the Sage SalesLogix Web Client, Sage SalesLogix Client, Application Architect, Administrator, and the legacy Architect. To find these topics, open the help file, open the Table of Contents, and expand the first book “Introducing (module name)". You’ll find the topic listed there. You can also find it using the search functionality.  


A couple of things to remember:

  • Sage SalesLogix is highly customizable, so some features might not have been installed in your organization’s implementation.
  • Looking for supported versions and compatibility? See the Compatibility Checklist posted on the Customer and Partner Portals.


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