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Enhance your Email Marketing Strategy in 2011 - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

by Employee on ‎12-28-2010 12:44 PM

Enhance your Email Marketing Strategy in 2011

by Annie Cooley


As you close out the holiday season, you should be thinking about what’s in store for 2011. To help you do this, I have created a list of questions to ask yourself and ideas to think about for the New Year.


  • Is your email subscription sign up easy to access? Do you offer a call-to-action on your homepage and other high traffic pages to sign up?


  • Do you use other methods for gaining emails, including Direct Mail or Telemarketing? Do you have a service (Such as Sage E-marketing for ACT!) or a sales team ready to do this?



  • How much information are you asking for when they fill in your opt-in form? Hint: stick to simple – contact, company, email, phone number and maybe if they have been a customer before. If you have their email and create a positive relationship through that, the rest of the information will come.


  • Do you offer the subscriber control over the type of content they will receive?


  • What is the incentive for them to share their email address? In other words, what will they get out of it?


  • Do you let them know what to except in your email relationship? Provide details about frequency, content, etc…


  • Once you get an email sign up, what is your process for follow up?


  • What type of content are you sharing with your recipients? Will it have a greater value to them?


  • Are you segmenting your email campaigns so that the content is relevant to specific groups?


  • Does your content meet the expectations of your readers? Does it go beyond their expectations in a positive way?


  • Are your call-to-actions easily seen and enticing enough to act upon?


  • Can your subscribers easily share the content?


  • Does your content help your customers solve their business problems?


  • Have you taken into consideration the layout of your campaigns? Is your most important information above the fold?


  • Do you offer the avenue to share via social media?


  • What else?


Run through this list and see where you lack answers. Evaluate the benefits you can offer your subscribers and make sure to take the time to implement them and start the New Year out right!

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