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Email Marketing: To DIY or Not to DIY - Guest Blog by Audrey Howes @ahowes @Swiftpage

by Employee on ‎02-09-2012 08:20 AM

by Audrey Howes, Swiftpage


We hear a variety of reasons on why companies choose to keep their email marketing in-house and do-it-themselves. “Email services aren’t in the budget.” “I don’t have time to learn a new program.” “My customers don’t want to receive too many emails from me.” The list could go on and on. Before you fall into the email marketing DIY trap, take a look at some reasons you might want to consider using an email marketing service such as Sage E-marketing.


1.     People Read Email – A LOT!

A study in May 2011 by the Pew Research center, found that 92% of adult internet users in the US send or read email and 66% of those adults do it every day. In another study called, “How We Shop in 2010: Habits and Motivations of Consumers,” Econsultancy found that 60% of respondents said that at least 50% of email programs they participate in are of value to them. The reality is you’re your customers are reading email and likely reading email from your competitors. Companies who are not participating in email marketing are missing the mark and are at risk of losing business.


2.     It’s Worth the Cost

To those who say that email marketing services are too expensive, we say, look again. The benefits of tracking and reporting, enhanced deliverability, and integrations alone are worth their weight in gold. Plus, according to the Direct Marketing Association, email brought in $40.56 for every dollar spent on it in 2011. Not bad, eh?



3.     You Are In the Know

Sending emails out into cyberspace sometimes makes one wonder if they made it to their destination. With email marketing services, you have detailed reports at your fingertips. Find out how many emails were sent, how many recipients opened them, what links they clicked on, etc. With this powerful knowledge available to you after every send, you can begin to tailor messages to your recipient’s actions.



4.     The Right Side of the Law

Have you heard of the Federal CAN-SPAM Act? No? Well, email marketing services have and they make sure you are in compliance with the law. On every email you send, the option to opt-out is automatically added by email marketing services keeping you safe from legal ramifications AND keeping your audience from reporting your emails as SPAM.


5.     Have Database – We’ll Integrate

Email marketing does not have to be hard. In fact, services like Sage E-Marketing make it pretty easy. Sage E-Marketing integrates with your database making the transition between list building and sending email seamless. Sage E-Marketing also makes it possible to link email results and surveys back to the contacts in your database.


6.     Stand Out from the Crowd

Email programs such as Outlook were not designed with creativity in mind. Email services, on the other hand, want to help you add a little pizzazz to your communications. Templates are already created and ready for you to add your personal touch. If you don’t have the time, services like Bright Peak can create totally custom email templates for you that match your brand for a very reasonable cost.



Email marketing is a necessity for today’s businesses, especially small businesses. Spending a few dollars each month for your email marketing will pay off in your ROI in no time. DIYers may save a few bucks by keeping email marketing in-house, but they are losing in the long run to companies who take full advantage of everything an email marketing service has to offer.


Are you a Sage product user, click here to learn more about Sage E-Marketing.

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