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“Doing more with less” in actual practice #saleslogix

by on ‎10-11-2010 09:27 AM


How many times have you heard the phrase “let’s do more with less”? I say it at least a few times a week while I am demonstrating our Sage SalesLogix functionality to help users become more productive and maximize their effectiveness, but I must admit that as a Sage SalesLogix user, sometimes I don’t do as much as I “preach” to others. 


I recently came across a blog talking about our inefficiencies with email management.  We lose so many hours writing emails.  Many of our responses are the same over and over.  As a Sales Engineer, I answer a lot of pre-sales technical questions with regards to compatibility, and key features, and information about new releases.  I do find myself searching for older emails and manually copying and pasting the text.  This is really an archaic and ineffective practice on my part. It wastes so much time when I could automate this simple task.


On Darrin Mourer’s blog, Write Better Email in Less Time, he suggests eliminating redundancy by creating email templates.  It is such a basic suggestion and often overlooked.  Email templates are so powerful.  It is one of the areas I show during our sales presentations to prospects.  One of our team goals for this new fiscal year is to become a better example of using Sage SalesLogix in our own sales organization.  So today I am setting up email templates that answer frequently asked pre-sales questions.  Instead of spending time re-writing the same emails every week, I will do more with less and allow Sage SalesLogix to automate my daily processes.  That way I can spend more time better answering those really tough pre-sales questions…and also rewarding myself with a margarita for my improved productivity.   

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